Donate to these animal welfare charities please. Every penny adds up to helping animals in the world, and they surely need our help badly!

  • PETA – Everyone knows about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, since they are the most well-known animal rights group in the world. Join PETA, Ingrid and crew, Donate here.
  • FARM – “Farm Animal Rights Movement” is an animal rights group since 1976 whos aim is end the use of animals for food throught public education. Donate here.
  • Humane Society (international) – HSI intendes to protect pets and farm animals, stop illegal wildlife trade, stop illegal dog/cat meat trade (at Yulin dog meat festival), and protect endangered species, and many more animal rights activities. Donate here.
  • SoiDog – Soi Dog is a foundation based in southern Thailand (Phuket). They are helping abused and neglected animals, mostly dogs & cats. They take a big stance against the illegal Thai/Vietnamese dog meat trade. Donate Here.
  • Mercy For Animals – “All animals deserve kindness and respect, Mercy For Animals is giving them hope. You have got to love their slogan! Donate here.
  • LCA – Last Chance for Animals is a non profit organization whos goals are to investigate, expose, and end animal abuse and exploitation. Donate here.
  • Hope For Paws – Hope For Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization created from Audrey and Eldad Hagar. These wonderful people have taken in, and taken care of 100’s of animals right at their own home! Now that is what I call dedication to helping animals! Donate here.
  • IFAW – International Fund for Animal Welfare is out there to protect endangered animals, provide emergency relief to animals in crisis, and to rescue & protect dogs, cats, elephants, bears and other animals from cruelty.. Donate here.
  • Best Friends Animal Society – Best Friends are trying to increase adoptions for animals in need of homes, they spay/neuter animals who get to shelters. They have the motto “Save them all!” Donate here.
  • RSPCA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is an animal rights organization to help protect animals that have been tortured or beaten. They push for certain laws to be changed to help animals, and also investigate those who deliberately harm animals. Their message is this: “we will not tolerate animal abuse”. Donate here.
  • International Animal Rescue – IAR is an English based organization who aims to save animals from suffering around the world. Donate here.
  • Harmony Fund – Harmony Fund and the Great Animal Rescue Chase intends to save all animals in distress, all that they/we can. Donate here.

If you know of any great animal rescue, rights, rescue, or advocacy organizations that should be on this donations list then please let me know.