Jimmy John Liautaud joins the shitlist of animal murderers

Jimmy John Liautaud is just another shithead that has been exposed for his trophy hunting in Africa. He went trophy hunting and slaughtered, murdered, everything from elephants, leopards, bears, and he is so heartless that he even murdered endangered species like rhino’s!

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My personal message sent to Jimmy Johns feedback page:

I learned of Jimmy John and his trophy hunting, i will NEVER eat at Jimmy Johns again. I will also spread the word about this the best I can. This disgusts me about you Mr. Liautaud.

Malnourished Polarbear raising alarms about global warming

Some say this skinny polarbear is just old or sick, some blame it on global warming. July 2015 was the hottest month ever recorded in the world, EVER! You make the call! Read more about it on the CNN video here.

Skinny polarbears? Isn't it obvious that something is wrong?
Skinny polarbears? Isn’t it obvious that something is wrong?

Global warming is a real thing IMO. Lets vote in politicians who care about our environment and wildlife.