PETA publishes 12 most cruel CEO’s

PETA posted an article listing the 12 most cruel CEO’s

1. John Ratliff, Covance
2. James C. Foster, Charles River Laboratories
3. Edison Liu, The Jackson Laboratory
4. Thomas Rowell, Primate Products, Inc. (PPI) (the name alone insists upon cruelty)
5. Takeshi KC Yamakawa, Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories USA
6. Mike Addy, Tier 1 Group, LLC
7. Sheri McCoy, Avon
8. Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck
9. Giovanni Caforio, M.D., Bristol-Myers Squibb
10. Jean-Marc Janaillac, Air France-KLM (they refuse to quit transporting animals to their cruel deaths)
11. Ian C. Read, Pfizer
12. Scott Marshall, Marshall Farms Group Ltd.

and I would like to add:

13. James John Liautaud, Owner of Jimmy John’s Franchise, LLC

read more here

Montreal to ban and euthanize pitbulls

Montreal Quebec Canada passed a law to outlaw pitbulls in their city. Shame on you Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, who voted in favor of a bill that would ban pitbulls from their city.

Sure pitbulls, like any other dogs, animals, humans can hurt people, but shouldn’t the responsibility of any damage from a pet/animal be on the pet owners? Making pitbulls illegal and killing as many good/bad/innocent ones as possible is NOT the answer.

Please sign the petition here  to reverse this barbaric cruel ban (already over 400,000 have signed this petition) or you can donate to the Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue and All About Animals campaign to save them here.

**From Oct 3, 2016 pit bulls and similar breeds will become banned and subject to discriminatory euthanization in Montreal. All pitbulls in Montreal shelters can be euthanized despite being healthy, adoptable, despite there being space to house them – according to the new law, simply because they have a “large head”.  In addition owned pitbulls can be taken away and euthanized if owners don’t abide to strict new rules including a registration fee up to $300.  There are no words to describe this injustice and lack of education.  Please help Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue help save as many pit bulls as possible in Montreal by donating.**

Read the BBC news article here.

Forcing children into trophy hunting = child abuse

John Weatherby takes part in Trophy Safaris, he is a perfect example of what I believe is a form of child abuse. He is teaching his 7 year old daughter to murder zebras, gazelles, impalas as you can see in the pictures below…..

Then there are people like New Zealander Johnny Yuile who shared a picture of his daughter who he forced to eat a deer heart after murdering and slaughtering it.

Johny Yuile

How is this not already labeled as child abuse?

See the PETA article here.

See the DailyMail article here.

Human stupidity caused another death – RIP Juma the Jaguar

Human stupidity and incompetence has caused yet another death of an innocent animal. During an Olympic torch relay event in Brazil Juma the Jaguar escaped its handlers, after being shot with a tranquilizer he was still walking around and “supposedly” lunged at a Brazilian soldier so he was shot dead with 1 bullet to the head.

RIP Juma
RIP Juma

This is the latest kiling of innocence. Recently the world lost Harambe the gorilla. Who is next? People, can you please unstupid yourselves?! Animals ARE NOT here for our entertainment! Let them live FREE, like they were intended to be!

Trophy hunters and general violent people go hand in hand

Are you a trophy hunter? are you beating your wife or children or pets? well chances are, if you are one, then you are also the other. (not to mention trophy hunters, and animal abusers are more prone to become molesters, rapists, and murderers).

If you are a trophy hunter, psychologically means you are very self conscience about your manhood. You have not been able to “prove to dad” that you know how to become a man, etc etc. Trophy hunting means you are so gay, that you have to display “manly kills” on your wall. As if your voice, attitude, etc are not enough.

Gayness, totally cool and many friends I have are gay, no disrespect to homosexuals with this post.

Some famous examples of trophy hunters are Jimmy John Liautaud, owner of the Jimmy Johns sandwich franchinse, Eric & Donald Trump Jr., and Bob Parsons, the founder and CEO of Godaddy.

Are you gay? if yes, then you are gay. Awesome!

Are you a trophy hunter? if yes then you are also super gay. One study shows that 87% of trophy hunters are closet homosexuals.

The more you prove your trophies, the more homosexual you are. Think about it.

We need to stop this Yulin dog slaughter festival

It’s this time of year again, where the Chinese Guangxi Province host the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival. Many of these animals are stolen from residents and sold at this festival and market. They skin the animals alive, beat them to death, then sell their “meat” to thousands of Chinese attendees. Even though 64% of Chinese (according to CCTV, China’s national broadcaster) are AGAINST eating dogs and think this eating dogs should be banned in China.

Please sign the petitions at here. and at here.

Many people argue, “we eat pics, cows, etc, why do we make such a big deal about eating dogs?”, my reply to those people is:

In a perfect world, (in my opinion) also pigs/cows/etc would not be harvested and slaughtered for human consumption… people do not NEED animal flesh to live. You eat it because that’s what you were raised to eat, and so were your parents and before them. It’s “normal” but that doesn’t necessarily it’s right, nor does it mean that you should have the right to eat anything in the world that is non human. Animals are born and raised by their mothers/fathers, with the same organs as humans, we are more intelligent than the way we act.

The taste of a juicy burger that we ate since young, compared to the knowledge of the fact all animals have nervous systems, brains, feelings, emotions…. most of us choose to ignore that for the selfish fact we can continue eating those tasty burgers rather than boring vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. imo.

Thank you to the Duo Duo Project for being STRONG supporters on the ground, trying their best to protect the dogs and all animals being tortured and slaughtered at the Dog Meat festival. Please show support in donations, petitons, etc by visiting their website here.

I welcome your comments and opinions too. If you do not agree with me, please don’t send hate mail, but instead enlighten me! I am inviting for discussion on this topic.

Thank you

Email politicians urge them to stop dog meat trade

Albert Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”


This website about the Korean dog meat trade helps you find politicians and even has sample letters you can use to send to them. Here.

WARNING, this video is VERY graphic 🙁 But remember people, this is happening in our world RIGHT NOW! Lets make changes and do something to stop this violence and indecency. Amazing how low some people will go. 🙁

My plead to animal eaters – please don’t waste

Letter to meat eaters: Just because you and I are not the ones actually being inhumane to animals at slaughter houses and breeding facilities does not make us innocent to the cruelty that animals must endure. If you are part of the demand for animals (“meat”) then you are also partially part of the inhumanity. Think about that please before you waste those McDonalds chicken nuggets, or cant finish your steak, or let your gallon of milk expire and go to waste. I am not even begging, pleading for meat eaters to stop eating meat, but please try to stop wasting. I was a meat lover for the first 30 years of my life and I was VERY guilty and blind to animal cruelty. Living blind doesn’t mean the cruelty is not happening. Please don’t be wasteful.

State of Oregan has abandoned animal rights

I am ashamed at my own countries government failing yet again. The state of Oregons Fish & Wildlife Commission has abandoned all laws that protect wolves in their state. The guilty members of this commission are Michael Finley, Holly Akenson, Bruce Buckmaster, Jason Atkinson, Gregory J. Wolley, Laura Anderson, and Bob Webber. The vote was 4-2 to delist the 81 wolves from the endangered species list, thus opening it up for hunters to murder these beautiful creatures.

Read more about it from NBC article here.

Also you can email the commission at ->

Let them know what’s on your mind. The vote was 4-2 so i’m still researching who are the 4 coward lowlifes and who are the 2 voters with hearts. Will post here asap when I know.

Malnourished Polarbear raising alarms about global warming

Some say this skinny polarbear is just old or sick, some blame it on global warming. July 2015 was the hottest month ever recorded in the world, EVER! You make the call! Read more about it on the CNN video here.

Skinny polarbears? Isn't it obvious that something is wrong?
Skinny polarbears? Isn’t it obvious that something is wrong?

Global warming is a real thing IMO. Lets vote in politicians who care about our environment and wildlife.