Wildlife murderer Walter Palmer back in business

This asshole had the nerve to mention the word “humanity” in his recent interview with Minneapolis Star Tribune. He says:

“This has been especially hard on my wife and my daughter,” he told the AP and Star Tribune. “They’ve been threatened in the social media, and again … I don’t understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all.”

In all honesty, I don’t believe people should be directing any insults or attention to his wife or family, I think the full responsibility falls on Palmer.

Pretty ironic that a major douchebag like Walter Palmer has the nerve to discuss, critique or even mention the word “humanity” after his murderous life is now on display for anyone to see. His illegal killing of bears, his shooting, tracking, killing, skinning and beheading of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe in July. In my opinion he has absolutely no right to even begin discussing or mentioning the word “humanity”.

He says he doesn’t understand “the level of humanity” for people throwing insults at his family, I don’t agree with them but totally understand them, it’s outrage, disgust, anger!

Where is the humanity in a subhumanoid like The Palmerator going out, wounding animals, tracking them while they are in pain and suffering, and finally shooting and killing him with a gun, THEN…. yes there is more…. THEN, skinning their bodies and beheading them to add their lifeless head onto his trophy wall. Hey Palmerator, how has humankind lowered itself to THIS LEVEL OF HUMANITY? Such senseless useless killings 🙁

Dentist Walter Palmer back in business
Dentist Walter Palmer back in business

He says his patients want him back, if you are 1 of those customers, shame on you!

Read more: http://www.startribune.com/walter-palmer-speaks-hunter-who-killed-lion-will-resume-dental-practice-tuesday/325185401/ and http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/07/us/walter-palmer-dentist-cecil-lion-interview/index.html

Nicholas Garcia scum should rot in jail for his crimes


Here is a lowlife piece of shit subhuman by the name of Nicholas (Nick) Garcia. He intentionally lit a firework and threw it for a pitbull to run after which ended up “blowing the face off” of this pitbull and killing him. This scum was released on only $5,000 bail in Joliet, Illinois. I would like to ask you Illinois justice system, do you let a man like this go free, so easily, so cheap, and call this justice? WTF!
Nicholas_Garcia_JolietLook at this post on Nick Garcia’s facebook page:


He laughed about blowing a face off of a living being. PLEASE HELP!

Sign the petition to try giving him a stiff sentence HERE.

I signed with this to say:

He’s a lifetime criminial from illegal weapon charges, armed robbery, drug dealing, and now he’s into cruelty to animals with illegal fireworks. The longer this guy is free on our streets, the more chance he will escalate to murder (of people). Please please please lock this lowlife up for MANY MANY YEARS!

Also please contact the county, and demand for justice from this horrendous act. Contact Will County here.

AnimalIdeology letter to the Will County States Attorneys Office:

Hi I am contacting you about Nicholas (Nick) Garcia. Someone living in my area/state etc like this, intentionally blowing up a dogs face… intentionally killing any animals for “fun” i think deserve a LONG time in jail. How would it feel to be living near someone like this?

Please give this lowlife a long time in jail. I beg you, i would not want my neighbors, friends, family or children be anywhere near a sick person like this.

Please write your own version of a letter to Will Co. States Attorney.

UPDATE, Saturday August 22 Will County State Attorney replied:

Thank you for reaching out to our office.  Like everyone who loves pets, State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow was appalled by the horrific and eventually fatal injuries suffered by a pit bull named “America” who picked up a lit explosive device on the Fourth of July in Joliet, Illinois.

The Will County State’s Attorney’s Office has filed the strongest felony charge possible under Illinois law based upon the evidence that has been obtained by police and prosecutors up to this point. Upon conviction, the felony charge in this case carries a potential penalty of up to six years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

State’s Attorney Glasgow has been aggressively fighting against animal cruelty throughout his career.  In 1999, he authored a statute that legally defined the torture of animals and made the abuse of an animal a felony for the first time in Illinois history.  It provides for a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $25,000. He also made certain the statute provides for a mandatory psychiatric evaluation of the animal abuser.

As the caring owner of two amazing dogs, a Great Dane named Hobbs and a Border Collie named Maverick, State’s Attorney Glasgow is always ready to prosecute criminals under the animal torture statute that he wrote when the charges are warranted by the available evidence.  He has immediately begun work on new animal cruelty legislation that would address the conduct like that alleged in this case and also adding much needed protections for therapy dogs and the newly authorized court service dogs. It should be noted that Jackson, our current therapy dog for the Will County Children’s Advocacy Center, will soon be utilized as a court service dog.  State’s Attorney Glasgow takes all allegations of animal cruelty so seriously that for years he has designated a dedicated and passionate prosecutor to intensively review and aggressively charge these cases based upon the available evidence.

The investigation into this case is ongoing.  When or if additional evidence becomes available, the State’s Attorney’s Office will review the case and give all due consideration to filing additional charges.

Thank you Will County, we respect your outlook on this case and trust you will do what is fair and justice to put this criminal, violent and dangerous scumball in jail for a long time. (the max 10 years would be wonderful, perfect fit for Nick)

Delta Airlines bans shipment of some animals from trophy hunts

Today is a great step for animal rights. Delta Airlines has banned the transport of certain animals from trophy hunting!


On behalf of all animal lovers and sympathic people around the world, I would like to thank you Delta Airlines for banning the transportation of lions, leopards, elephants, rhino’s, and buffalo bodies/parts from cruel and heartless trophy hunters. It’s not totally what we’re aiming for, but it’s definitely progress 🙂

See the actual Delta Airlines statement about it here. Which says……

Effective immediately, Delta will officially ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies worldwide as freight.  Prior to this ban, Delta’s strict acceptance policy called for absolute compliance with all government regulations regarding protected species. Delta will also review acceptance policies of other hunting trophies with appropriate government agencies and other organizations supporting legal shipments.

I have updated the “Open letter to Delta Airlines” post here with this news.

HUGE thumbs up to Delta.com, so be sure when booking your next trip, FLY WITH DELTA -> www.delta.com

Ted Nugent low life all star

Ted Nugent is a subhumanoid, singer, songwriter, hunter, and lowlife scum piece of shit. This guy is such a pssy that he feels the only way he can prove and “be a man” is by killing things.

Ted Nugent - douchebag of the decade
Ted Nugent – douchebag of the decade

This scum-of-the-Earth deadbeat has the nerve to insult people who stand up against animal cruelty. Read what this scum bucket has to say about many of us animal rigths activists at his wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Nugent

My open letter to Delta Airlines about “trophy hunting” transporting

Delta and "trophy hunting"
My open letter to Delta Airlines about the transportation from “trophy hunting”

The killing of lion Cecil got me to thinking about Delta Airlines, hunting websites actively support Delta because they still legally allow the transportation of these murdered animals from “trophy hunting”. So to everyone out there, LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Donate! Sign petiton against Delta Airlines, we have to ACT on these things, instead of reading on facebook and thinking “oh that’s sad” then move along to chatting with friends.

Here is my open letter to Delta Airlines about this. I am a long-time customer and frequent flyer on Delta.

I would definitely recommend Delta, and plan to always fly with Delta Airlines, BUT, today I read that Delta allows transportation of “trophies” from lowlife “trophy hunters” can you please let me know if this is true?

If so I will never recommend Delta to anyone and will soon plan to find other airlines for myself to join. (I really really hope this is not true!)

Thank you.

Delta, this is 2015 and why are you still allowing the the transportation of murder victims for peoples enjoyment?

UPDATE (August 1st): Delta’s reply was disappointing.

Thank you for contacting Delta Air Lines.

Delta accepts hunting trophies in accordance with all U.S. domestic and international regulations, which prohibits the possession of trophies or other items associated with protected species. Customers are required to produce detailed documentation of trophies to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials as their trophies undergo inspection.

We appreciate your selection of Delta and will always welcome the
opportunity to be of service.

But on August 3 Delta Airlines has released this statement about transporting trophy hunting:

Effective immediately, Delta will officially ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies worldwide as freight. Prior to this ban, Delta’s strict acceptance policy called for absolute compliance with all government regulations regarding protected species. Delta will also review acceptance policies of other hunting trophies with appropriate government agencies and other organizations supporting legal shipments.

GREAT job people of Facebook, Change.org and everyone else who have called, emailed and sent messages to Delta about this concern!

Foie gras

Before eating “Foie Gras” please know and understand what you are doing to contribute to the horrific demise of ducks.

Foie Gras is a luxury food from a “specially fattened” duck liver. So these ducks are getting force fed, tortured, and eventually killed for what ends up on peopls plate as luxurious Foie gras.

Lets look at start to finish of Foie gras……….

From a beautiful Mulard duck...
From a beautiful Mulard duck…
To horrified ducks in cages, waiting for tortured force feeding and death
To horrified ducks in cages, waiting for tortured force feeding and death (picture thanks to animal rights activist Amber Lee Canavan, who was jailed for snapping these horrific photos)
Tortured, barbaric, foie gras force feeding ducks
Tortured, barbaric, foie gras force feeding ducks
To Foie gras, on a plate ready to eat
To Foie gras, on a plate ready to eat

The only point of this post is to try opening peoples eyes to some of the dishes they are eating. Some call this luxury food, whilst others call this the product of horrific, barbaric, torturous activity. It’s for you to decide the fate of these beautiful creatures. Please please think about that before ever trying/ordering meat dishes, especially something like Foie gras.

Please help and sign the petition to remove foie gras from farmers markets.

Activist against Activists – Adrian Radford the hypocrite

Adrian Radford, aka Ian Farmer, is a gay rights activist and ex-British soldier who became friends with many animal rights activists including Heather Nicholson, Greg & Natasha Avery and others who were part of the SHAC group (wiki) (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty).

SHAC is an animal rights activist group who took a stand against the animal torture experts at Huntingdon Life Sciences (wiki). This hypocrite, Radford, infiltrated the SHAC group and eventually reported all their activities to the police, which led to many arrests.

This is Adrian Radford.

Evidence that SHAC provided had proven that HLS had killed over 500 animals per day. And a lot of them tortured and dissected while still alive.

It is my opinion that these SHAC members who are still serving prison time should be released. If anyone needs to be in jail, it should be Adrian Radford “the beagle” and some members of HLS company.

Find more information about FBI informants, cheaters and snitches at the ALF “snitches” page here.