Activist against Activists – Adrian Radford the hypocrite

Adrian Radford, aka Ian Farmer, is a gay rights activist and ex-British soldier who became friends with many animal rights activists including Heather Nicholson, Greg & Natasha Avery and others who were part of the SHAC group (wiki) (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty).

SHAC is an animal rights activist group who took a stand against the animal torture experts at Huntingdon Life Sciences (wiki). This hypocrite, Radford, infiltrated the SHAC group and eventually reported all their activities to the police, which led to many arrests.

This is Adrian Radford.

Evidence that SHAC provided had proven that HLS had killed over 500 animals per day. And a lot of them tortured and dissected while still alive.

It is my opinion that these SHAC members who are still serving prison time should be released. If anyone needs to be in jail, it should be Adrian Radford “the beagle” and some members of HLS company.

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