What is AI?

What is Animal Ideology?

Animal Ideology (AI) was created with intentions to spread knowledge, information and tips on how we ALL can help animals in the world.

The food chain has been broken by human intelligence, this is fact. I believe everyone can do more to ensure that animals are not tortured, killed for entertainment or clothing, or even executed for no reason at all.

Please Donate Here. (I do not personally accept donations). If you can donate, GREAT! But I believe also that doing something physically, rather than financially is just as good or better. Examples, getting out there and feeding hungry animals or helping out at animal shelters.

I meet many people who claim they are animal lovers, yet they do nothing every day in their lives to help animals in need. My goal is (to try) to convert people who love animals & do nothing, into people who love animals & do something about it.


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