Kerry Krottinger – the real life Bubba ‘Leatherface’ Sawyer

Today I learned of this sick fellow from Texas by the name of Kerry Krottinger. He is a Texas millionaire who built his riches from his Texas oil companies including Primrose Operating Company, Pecos Exporation Company, Nyala Inc, Maple Leaf Petroleum Inc, and Kudu Inc.

Sign the petition here to bring justice to the serial killer Kerry K.

Kerry KrottingerAs you can see in the picture above, he loves to murder animals from all over the world. Him and his sick wife Libby are posing proudly in their “chamber of death”. These are real life Bubba “Leatherface” Sawyers. How can they, in 2015, sick minded people like this get away with causing so much torture, pain, and killing all in the name of fun, ego, entertainment?

Lets make changes people. These people deserve spit in their face, business deals cancelled, unfriended, etc!

My letter to you Kerry & Libby the proud trophy hunters….. would first wish that you would wakeup, realize what you are doing. Killing is not right, in any case, and no matter how much money you have (unless of course self defence or such matters). If you so called “love Africa” then help the animals & people there by donating to charities to help them. Not going there, murdering and carving up these precious lives. Seek help, seek forgiveness! You both really need it. You are being so creepy that you’re both comparative to Leatherface, Jack the Ripper & Hannibal Lecter! Stop being creeps, please!