Rebecca Francis scumbag hunter smiling next to her dead victim

Rebecca Francis is the scumbag who has the nerve to kill innocent animals and enjoys lying next to her kill with a big smile as seen here….

Rebecca Francis scumbag hunter
Murderer lying next to her victim with a smile

Now these are exactly the type of filth that Animal Ideology would love to whipe off this planet. And to be politcally correct, in terms of changing their selfish mentality about animals. This type of human is ignorant and does not even know it, they need to be re-educated about life and how important it to each one of us living beings. Taking a life is bad, but taking a life and smiling in photos next to their dead victims? This this kind of blatant murder and flaunting needs to be stopped.

I want personally give MAD PROPS to comedian Ricky Gervais for standing up to this scumbag excuse for a human being. See the Business Insider article about that here and at CNN here.

My personal letter to Rebecca Francis:

Dear Scumbag, you are such a filth of this world and someday I pray that you find the front end of a bus in your mouth

I hope this message gets passed along to you Ms. Francis and lets all hope karma is real deal 🙂