Ronnie Lee

Animal LIberation Front - Ronnie Lee

Ronnie Lee (wiki) is a known animal rights activist who is mostly known for founding the ALF (wiki ), Animal Liberation Front.

Animal Liberation Front is an animal rights organization that partakes in direct action against abuse to animals, sometimes using illegal activities. ALF states they are a non-violent group, for the most part, my opinion on whether they use violent or non-violent tactics is irrelevant. Their cause is good and great. Their slogan is:

“Any act that furthers the cause of animal liberation, where all reasonable precautions are taken not to harm human or non-human life, may be claimed as an ALF action.”

So I stand beside ALF and love what they have done in terms of helping animals, and their intentions.

We salute you Ronnie, ALF, and Arkangel Magazine

ALF website: