Running of the Bulls in Pamplona Spain

The San Fermin, Pamplona Spain “Running of the Bulls” festival is happening right now, and happens every year from July 6 – 14. They usually let loose about 6 “toro bravo” breed cattle (bulls) while wannabe “brave” assholes and drunken idiots run and try to avoid being thrown or trampled by these animals as they are part of the days human entertainment. The bulls run until the end of their line where they are tortured more and slaughtered. Read more about Running of the Bulls on the Wiki page here.

Peta says it well in this article, they call the men gored at Running of the Bulls asĀ “mostly drunk” and “idiots”, which, in my opinion is absolute TRUTH.

According to PETA, Spanish activists uncover what happens to each each bull at the end of their running, their life ends, and looks like this……

Please submit your name/email in a petition to PETA’s TAKE ACTION AGAINST Pamplona’s Running of the bulls here.