McDonalds torture – McNuggets are McCruelty

Hidden camera footage of people abusing and torturing chickens at a McDonalds, PLEASE VIEW WITH CAUTION, this is an EXTREMELY difficult video to watch ūüôĀ

Read full Article here. You will be fully convinced now that McDoanlds = McNuggets = McCRUELTY!

Another informative website about the cruelty behind McDonalds “value” meals:¬†

Another site is:

Bosnia mass killing of 400 stray dogs

400 stray dogs were violently killed in Velika Kladusa, Bosnia-Herzegovina. They were shot in the head to cleanse the area of stray animals. This is still happening in Bosnia and people should really take a stand against this act of mass murder. For those in the area should step up as much as you can, with demonstrations or donations. For those of us who are not there, we can only sign the petitions to try helping the situation for those animals there.

Stray dogs shot in the head and disposed of in dumpsters
Stray dogs shot in the head and disposed of in dumpsters

Please sign the petition to present to the Mayor Edin Behric, President Dragan Kovic, and Prime Minister Fadil Novalic to reconsider the torture and massacre of innocent homeless dogs. Please sign the petition here.


Nicholas Garcia scum should rot in jail for his crimes


Here is a lowlife piece of shit subhuman by the name of Nicholas (Nick) Garcia. He intentionally lit a firework and threw it for a pitbull to run after which ended up “blowing the face off” of this pitbull and killing him. This scum was released on only $5,000 bail in Joliet, Illinois. I would like to ask you Illinois justice system, do you let a man like this go free, so easily, so cheap, and call this justice? WTF!
Nicholas_Garcia_JolietLook at this post on Nick Garcia’s facebook page:


He laughed about blowing a face off of a living being. PLEASE HELP!

Sign the petition to try giving him a stiff sentence HERE.

I signed with this to say:

He’s a lifetime criminial from illegal weapon charges, armed robbery, drug dealing, and now he’s into cruelty to animals with illegal fireworks. The longer this guy is free on our streets, the more chance he will escalate to murder (of people). Please please please lock this lowlife up for MANY MANY YEARS!

Also please contact the county, and demand for justice from this horrendous act. Contact Will County here.

AnimalIdeology letter to the Will County States Attorneys Office:

Hi I am contacting you about Nicholas (Nick) Garcia. Someone living in my area/state etc like this, intentionally blowing up a dogs face… intentionally killing any animals for “fun” i think deserve a LONG time in jail. How would it feel to be living near someone like this?

Please give this lowlife a long time in jail. I beg you, i would not want my neighbors, friends, family or children be anywhere near a sick person like this.

Please write your own version of a letter to Will Co. States Attorney.

UPDATE, Saturday August 22 Will County State Attorney replied:

Thank you for reaching out to our office.¬† Like everyone who loves pets, State‚Äôs Attorney Jim Glasgow was appalled by the horrific and eventually fatal injuries suffered by a pit bull named ‚ÄúAmerica‚ÄĚ who picked up a lit explosive device on the Fourth of July in Joliet, Illinois.

The Will County State’s Attorney’s Office has filed the strongest felony charge possible under Illinois law based upon the evidence that has been obtained by police and prosecutors up to this point. Upon conviction, the felony charge in this case carries a potential penalty of up to six years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

State’s Attorney Glasgow has been aggressively fighting against animal cruelty throughout his career.  In 1999, he authored a statute that legally defined the torture of animals and made the abuse of an animal a felony for the first time in Illinois history.  It provides for a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $25,000. He also made certain the statute provides for a mandatory psychiatric evaluation of the animal abuser.

As the caring owner of two amazing dogs, a Great Dane named Hobbs and a Border Collie named Maverick, State’s Attorney Glasgow is always ready to prosecute criminals under the animal torture statute that he wrote when the charges are warranted by the available evidence.  He has immediately begun work on new animal cruelty legislation that would address the conduct like that alleged in this case and also adding much needed protections for therapy dogs and the newly authorized court service dogs. It should be noted that Jackson, our current therapy dog for the Will County Children’s Advocacy Center, will soon be utilized as a court service dog.  State’s Attorney Glasgow takes all allegations of animal cruelty so seriously that for years he has designated a dedicated and passionate prosecutor to intensively review and aggressively charge these cases based upon the available evidence.

The investigation into this case is ongoing.  When or if additional evidence becomes available, the State’s Attorney’s Office will review the case and give all due consideration to filing additional charges.

Thank you Will County, we respect your outlook on this case and trust you will do what is fair and justice to put this criminal, violent and dangerous scumball in jail for a long time. (the max 10 years would be wonderful, perfect fit for Nick)

Angelique Miles animal cruelty lowlife

Angelique Miles is the former owner of this beautiful young pitbull named Rocky. She left this dog caged up in her basement for days with no water & food. Finally someone (possibly a friend or family member) called the authorities to report this cruel behavior. Angelique pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty and must serve 6 months in jail and 200 hrs of community service at an animal shelter (I hope whoever’s in charge is keeping a close eye on Angelique).

Pitbull named Rocky is rescued from her cruel owner
Pitbull named Rocky is rescued from her cruel owner

See more of her wonderful recovery story and photos here:

Kerry Krottinger – the real life Bubba ‘Leatherface’ Sawyer

Today I learned of this sick fellow from Texas by the name of Kerry Krottinger. He is a Texas millionaire who built his riches from his Texas oil companies including Primrose Operating Company, Pecos Exporation Company, Nyala Inc, Maple Leaf Petroleum Inc, and Kudu Inc.

Sign the petition here to bring justice to the serial killer Kerry K.

Kerry KrottingerAs you can see in the picture above, he loves to murder animals from all over the world. Him and his sick wife Libby are posing proudly in their “chamber of death”. These are real life Bubba “Leatherface” Sawyers. How can they, in 2015, sick minded people like this get away with causing so much torture, pain, and killing all in the name of fun, ego, entertainment?

Lets make changes people. These people deserve spit in their face, business deals cancelled, unfriended, etc!

My letter to you Kerry & Libby the proud trophy hunters….. would first wish that you would wakeup, realize what you are doing. Killing is not right, in any case, and no matter how much money you have (unless of course self defence or such matters). If you so called “love Africa” then help the animals &¬†people there by donating to charities to help them. Not going there, murdering and carving up these precious lives. Seek help, seek forgiveness! You both really need it. You are¬†being so creepy that you’re both comparative to Leatherface, Jack the Ripper &¬†Hannibal Lecter! Stop being creeps, please!


Sabrina Corgatelli – the hunter whore

I have personally dubbed Sabrina Corgatelli the ditzy “hunter whore”. She is a ditzy American from Idaho who actually has the nerve to publicly stand behind her stance on hunting.

Here are some actual comments she made:

when you hunt an animal everybody just thinks you’re a cold-hearted killer, and it’s not that, and there is a connection with the animal, and just because we hunt them doesnt mean we dont have a respect for them, but giraffes are very dangerous animals, they could hurt you seriously very quickly

1. If you’re not a cold-hearted killer, then what are you? a soft caring killer?

2. If you were being killed for absolutely no reason, hunted, would you hope that your killer has a “connection” with you, and has “respect” for you? I would be pissed as hell if some random person comes along to kill me for the hell of it.

3. Giraffes are dangerous? who gives a shit! Humans are dangerous! Snakes, insects, lions, people are dangerous, what does that even matter in terms of hunting morality? That is one of the most ignorant comments I’ve ever heard when it comes to hunters trying logic to defend their hunting rights.

So, after Sabrina’s comments and actions, she fits well to be “Sabrina Corgatelli – hunter whore” from Idaho.

Sabrina Corgatelli the hunter whore
Sabrina Corgatelli the hunter whore

See the CNN article and viral video about Sabrina and her comments defending her trophy hunting safari’s in Africa¬†here.

Look how proud she is, standing next to her innocent, murdered giraffe. What a coward, loser, and lowlife.

More news about “the hunter whore”: – Ricky Gervais slams her, read more here.

Richard Dawkins speaks out against Sabrina here.

Ted Nugent low life all star

Ted Nugent is a subhumanoid, singer, songwriter, hunter, and lowlife scum piece of shit. This guy is such a pssy that he feels the only way he can prove and “be a man” is by killing things.

Ted Nugent - douchebag of the decade
Ted Nugent – douchebag of the decade

This scum-of-the-Earth deadbeat has the nerve to insult people who stand up against animal cruelty. Read what this scum bucket has to say about many of us animal rigths activists at his wikipedia page

Deopokhari festival in Khokana Nepal OMFG

Khokana Nepal is a province a bit south west from the country capital Kathmandu. It hosts one of the worlds most barbaric, cruel, and inhumane festivals in the world called Deopokhari festival. They put a goat in a bed of water with many men who pull, bite, tear, and thrash this poor innocent goat until it is died, in the most horrific way possible.

I’m searching for things we can do in terms of donations and petitions to try preventing this specific (cruelty-to-animals) festival. If you know of any please let me know by contacting me here.

DailyMail article about this terrible festival here.

ESDAW Facebook post here.

Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer murders famous African lion Cecil

A lowlife dentist from Minnesota named Walter Palmer is wanted for murdering the famous African lion by the name of “Cecil”. This scumbag supposedly paid $50,000 to earn the right to murder many endangered animals while on a safari in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Animals worst nightmare, Walter Palmer, dentist, killer, lowlife, murderer
Animals worst nightmare, Walter Palmer, dentist, killer, lowlife, murderer

New petitions include: Petition to Barack Obama to extradite Walter Palmer back to Zimbabwe here. and Petition the White house gov website here. Please also go to and sign petition to help protect these animals and also sign here to help seek justice for Cecil.

Also, for those of you living in the Bloomington, Minneapolis, or St. Paul Minnesota area, please do not support this murderer, cancel your appointments, spread the word, and avoid giving this scumbag any of your business.

For the women in Minnesota, beware also because Walter Palmer is a known sex offender. Read more about that here.

His information:

Name: Walter Palmer

Website: (currently offline)

Address: 10851 Rhode Island Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55438, United States

Phone: +1 952-884-5361

Here are photos of more of his “trophy hunting”, murderous escapades, and some of his dentist office River Bluff Dental:

CNN also has a front page article about him here.

Here are some public legal documents about the now famous Doctor Walter Palmer:

I love Jimmy Kimmels segment about the beautiful Lion Cecil, check it out:

He is helping the research unit WildCRU, so if you can, please check out their site here and donate to their cause.

Foie gras

Before eating “Foie Gras” please know and understand what you are doing to contribute to the horrific demise of ducks.

Foie Gras is a luxury food from a “specially fattened” duck liver. So these ducks are getting force fed, tortured, and eventually killed for what ends up on peopls plate as luxurious Foie gras.

Lets look at start to finish of Foie gras……….

From a beautiful Mulard duck...
From a beautiful Mulard duck…
To horrified ducks in cages, waiting for tortured force feeding and death
To horrified ducks in cages, waiting for tortured force feeding and death (picture thanks to animal rights activist Amber Lee Canavan, who was jailed for snapping these horrific photos)
Tortured, barbaric, foie gras force feeding ducks
Tortured, barbaric, foie gras force feeding ducks
To Foie gras, on a plate ready to eat
To Foie gras, on a plate ready to eat

The only point of this post is to try opening peoples eyes to some of the dishes they are eating. Some call this luxury food, whilst others call this the product of horrific, barbaric, torturous activity. It’s for you to decide the fate of these beautiful creatures. Please please think about that before ever trying/ordering meat dishes, especially something like Foie gras.

Please help and sign the petition to remove foie gras from farmers markets.