The next president of the Philippines animal comments

Davao City mayor and probable new Philippine president Duterte comments on stray animals
Davao City mayor and probable new Philippine president Duterte comments on stray animals

Rodrigo Duterte is the front runner for the upcoming Philippines presidency. Some comments he made years back about cleaning up the stray animals problem was, in his exact words: “The best solution to rid the city (Davao City) of stray dogs is by shooting them or poisoning them.” (Source is Philippine Daily Inquirer here.)

How could someone be a presidential hopeful when barbaric comments like these are being made? This is just disgusting!

Life of Pi tiger trainer Michael Hackenberger beating tiger

Ontario, Canada Bowmanville Zoo owner Michael Hackenberger, who is also the tiger trainer for the movie “Life of Pi” is exposed ON VIDEO whipping and beating a tiger, while cursing at him, trying to get the tiger to do what he wants him to do.

Please sign this petition to have charges brought against Mr. Hackenberger. Also, please OSPCA, please investigate this matter.

here is another animal trainers response to this situation:

Remember, please always report animal abuse!!!

Seeking justice for Baby the bulldog

Andrew Frankish and Daniel Frankish are lowlife cowards who decided to video tape themselves throwing Baby the bulldog down the stairs which led to Baby’s death later.

Please sign the petition to help give them the justice they deserve, instead of the slap on the wrist they currently have ­čÖü

This is a video capture if lowlife Andrew preparing to kill Baby the bulldog
This is a video capture if lowlife Andrew preparing to kill Baby the bulldog


Monster brutalizes 4 month old Pitbull puppy

Richard Cope, the MONSTER of Michigan City, Indiana had charges filed against him for brutalizing, terrorizing a 4 month old white pitbull puppy. Neighbors found the pitbull, named Christmas Chance, with 2 broken hips and his mouth taped shut with electrical tape, as you can see from the photos, he’ll be scarred around his mouth for life. Please help urge the Indiana court system to give maximum penalty for this piece of shit Richard Cope.

Sign the petition here.

You can read more about it at the NWITimes here.

Sign the petition here.

Lowlife intentionally killed 17 kangaroos in Brisbane Australia

The great Outback, Australia, is well known for having tons of kangaroos. They normally feed on the side of roads and people normally avoid them, while they try to avoid traffic. Well today some asshole in Cacol, Brisbane, Australia drove through a road swerving and intentionally hitting & killing 17 kangaroos. See the CNN artcile and what RSPCA reps have to say about it.

British helicoptor pilot Roger Gower killed by elephant poachers

What a sad day for animal lovers and animal advocates. Today, January 29, 2016 British helicoptor pilot who was helping Tanzanian wildlife authorites find elephant poachers was gunned down by the poachers using AK-47’s. He was able to land near Serengeti National Park where he died of his gunshots/wounds before help arrived. Authorities said there is a manhunt for 3 of the poachers believed to be involved in the shooting and death of Mr. Gower. He was only 37 years of age.

Read the full story about Mr. Gower and the piece of shit elephant poachers and ivory trade f*ckers here.

RIP Capt. Richard Gower

Tortured puppy Davey tortured to death by Duanying Chen


Chinese citizen (in USA on student visa) Duanying Chen tortured a puppy Doberman Pinscher named “Davey”┬átil death earlier this year. He burned 80% of ┬áthe puppies body with a lighter, broke his teeth & bones, and mutilated sexual organ til the point that the dog had to be “put to sleep”.

This insane, heartless act was for no reason at all except for the sick entertainment brought to the murderer Duanying Chen.

This all happened in Santa Barbara California, and the sentence he was given was only 365 days in jail by the SUPER light and disgusting sentence from Judge Brian Hill. District Attorney Joyce Dudley argued to give Chen the maximum sentence of 7.5 years in state prison. Judge Brian Hill has put shame to himself and the state of California, and has proven to low blow the animal rights communities around the country.

Chen is now being considered for early release, from his already very minimal & small “slap on the wrist” sentence.


Sign here please

The petition will be sent to Santa Barbara Sheriff Bill Brown, County Probation Office and Santa Barbara Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

This is Duanying Chen

Duanying Chen, the scum  Chinaman that the US government slapped on the wrist for torturing/murdering an innocent life
Duanying Chen, the scum Chinaman that the US government slapped on the wrist for torturing/murdering an innocent life

Ivory trafficker Boniface Matthew Mariango aka “The Devil” arrested

Boniface Matthew Mariango

Boniface Matthew Mariango aka “The Devil” has finally been arrested in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, from his involvement in poaching 1000’s of elephants in the past 3 years. Read more about it here.

Lets just hope he gets a stiff penalty for murdering these beautiful elephants for the African ivory trade (life in prison? Would love that!)

Philadelphia Pitbull stolen & hanged til dead

PETA is offering a $10,000 reward to information leading to the theft of two pitbull puppies, and the hanging murder of their pitbull mother in Philadelphia. The stole the puppies and hanged this 5 year old female pitbull by her own collar ­čÖü What kind of sick & twisted mind would actually do a thing like this!?

Read more about it on NBC Philadelphia article here.

State of Oregan has abandoned animal rights

I am ashamed at my own countries government failing yet again. The state of Oregons Fish & Wildlife Commission has abandoned all laws that protect wolves in their state. The guilty members of this commission are Michael Finley, Holly Akenson, Bruce Buckmaster, Jason Atkinson, Gregory J. Wolley, Laura Anderson, and Bob Webber. The vote was 4-2 to delist the 81 wolves from the endangered species list, thus opening it up for hunters to murder these beautiful creatures.

Read more about it from NBC article here.

Also you can email the commission at ->

Let them know what’s on your mind. The vote was 4-2 so i’m still researching who are the 4 coward lowlifes and who are the 2 voters with hearts. Will post here asap when I know.