Deopokhari festival in Khokana Nepal OMFG

Khokana Nepal is a province a bit south west from the country capital Kathmandu. It hosts one of the worlds most barbaric, cruel, and inhumane festivals in the world called Deopokhari festival. They put a goat in a bed of water with many men who pull, bite, tear, and thrash this poor innocent goat until it is died, in the most horrific way possible.

I’m searching for things we can do in terms of donations and petitions to try preventing this specific (cruelty-to-animals) festival. If you know of any please let me know by contacting me here.

DailyMail article about this terrible festival here.

ESDAW Facebook post here.

My open letter to Delta Airlines about “trophy hunting” transporting

Delta and "trophy hunting"
My open letter to Delta Airlines about the transportation from “trophy hunting”

The killing of lion Cecil got me to thinking about Delta Airlines, hunting websites actively support Delta because they still legally allow the transportation of these murdered animals from “trophy hunting”. So to everyone out there, LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Donate! Sign petiton against Delta Airlines, we have to ACT on these things, instead of reading on facebook and thinking “oh that’s sad” then move along to chatting with friends.

Here is my open letter to Delta Airlines about this. I am a long-time customer and frequent flyer on Delta.

I would definitely recommend Delta, and plan to always fly with Delta Airlines, BUT, today I read that Delta allows transportation of “trophies” from lowlife “trophy hunters” can you please let me know if this is true?

If so I will never recommend Delta to anyone and will soon plan to find other airlines for myself to join. (I really really hope this is not true!)

Thank you.

Delta, this is 2015 and why are you still allowing the the transportation of murder victims for peoples enjoyment?

UPDATE (August 1st): Delta’s reply was disappointing.

Thank you for contacting Delta Air Lines.

Delta accepts hunting trophies in accordance with all U.S. domestic and international regulations, which prohibits the possession of trophies or other items associated with protected species. Customers are required to produce detailed documentation of trophies to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials as their trophies undergo inspection.

We appreciate your selection of Delta and will always welcome the
opportunity to be of service.

But on August 3 Delta Airlines has released this statement about transporting trophy hunting:

Effective immediately, Delta will officially ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies worldwide as freight. Prior to this ban, Delta’s strict acceptance policy called for absolute compliance with all government regulations regarding protected species. Delta will also review acceptance policies of other hunting trophies with appropriate government agencies and other organizations supporting legal shipments.

GREAT job people of Facebook, and everyone else who have called, emailed and sent messages to Delta about this concern!

Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer murders famous African lion Cecil

A lowlife dentist from Minnesota named Walter Palmer is wanted for murdering the famous African lion by the name of “Cecil”. This scumbag supposedly paid $50,000 to earn the right to murder many endangered animals while on a safari in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Animals worst nightmare, Walter Palmer, dentist, killer, lowlife, murderer
Animals worst nightmare, Walter Palmer, dentist, killer, lowlife, murderer

New petitions include: Petition to Barack Obama to extradite Walter Palmer back to Zimbabwe here. and Petition the White house gov website here. Please also go to and sign petition to help protect these animals and also sign here to help seek justice for Cecil.

Also, for those of you living in the Bloomington, Minneapolis, or St. Paul Minnesota area, please do not support this murderer, cancel your appointments, spread the word, and avoid giving this scumbag any of your business.

For the women in Minnesota, beware also because Walter Palmer is a known sex offender. Read more about that here.

His information:

Name: Walter Palmer

Website: (currently offline)

Address: 10851 Rhode Island Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55438, United States

Phone: +1 952-884-5361

Here are photos of more of his “trophy hunting”, murderous escapades, and some of his dentist office River Bluff Dental:

CNN also has a front page article about him here.

Here are some public legal documents about the now famous Doctor Walter Palmer:

I love Jimmy Kimmels segment about the beautiful Lion Cecil, check it out:

He is helping the research unit WildCRU, so if you can, please check out their site here and donate to their cause.

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona Spain

The San Fermin, Pamplona Spain “Running of the Bulls” festival is happening right now, and happens every year from July 6 – 14. They usually let loose about 6 “toro bravo” breed cattle (bulls) while wannabe “brave” assholes and drunken idiots run and try to avoid being thrown or trampled by these animals as they are part of the days human entertainment. The bulls run until the end of their line where they are tortured more and slaughtered. Read more about Running of the Bulls on the Wiki page here.

Peta says it well in this article, they call the men gored at Running of the Bulls as “mostly drunk” and “idiots”, which, in my opinion is absolute TRUTH.

According to PETA, Spanish activists uncover what happens to each each bull at the end of their running, their life ends, and looks like this……

Please submit your name/email in a petition to PETA’s TAKE ACTION AGAINST Pamplona’s Running of the bulls here.

Foie gras

Before eating “Foie Gras” please know and understand what you are doing to contribute to the horrific demise of ducks.

Foie Gras is a luxury food from a “specially fattened” duck liver. So these ducks are getting force fed, tortured, and eventually killed for what ends up on peopls plate as luxurious Foie gras.

Lets look at start to finish of Foie gras……….

From a beautiful Mulard duck...
From a beautiful Mulard duck…
To horrified ducks in cages, waiting for tortured force feeding and death
To horrified ducks in cages, waiting for tortured force feeding and death (picture thanks to animal rights activist Amber Lee Canavan, who was jailed for snapping these horrific photos)
Tortured, barbaric, foie gras force feeding ducks
Tortured, barbaric, foie gras force feeding ducks
To Foie gras, on a plate ready to eat
To Foie gras, on a plate ready to eat

The only point of this post is to try opening peoples eyes to some of the dishes they are eating. Some call this luxury food, whilst others call this the product of horrific, barbaric, torturous activity. It’s for you to decide the fate of these beautiful creatures. Please please think about that before ever trying/ordering meat dishes, especially something like Foie gras.

Please help and sign the petition to remove foie gras from farmers markets.

We can’t ignore the Yulin Dog meat festival

If we ignore, does that mean it does not happen? This barbaric Yulin Dog/cat Meat Festival is coming VERY soon in Yulin province of China.

Yulin dog meat festival

Remember, they are not just eaten, they are tortured, skinned and boiled alive! We have to stop this disgusting cruel act happening in our world.

Please help asap. Sign Petition here. Or donate here.

Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China

It is 2015 and we still have barbaric acts, and even FESTIVALS happening in this world. Such as the Yulin dog & cat meat festival in Yulin. According to many top news reports these dogs are not only eaten, but tortured, electrocuted and skinned alive!

Sign petition here ( — Donate funds here (Humane Society)

Here is a quote from Wiki page, gathered from various news reports from The Guardian, CNN, Pandaguide and NewRepublic: “Yulin Summer Solstice Dog Meat Festival where in 2013 over 10,000 dogs were consumed. Many of the dogs are electrocuted, burned and skinned while alive and conscious.

Have you had enough yet? Please BEWARE when seeing these Youtube videos, they are VERY VERY disturbing 🙁 (But, we cannot ignore these things forever! Lets fight back!)

One of the many things we can do is sign the petition at petitioning the Yulin Governor Chu Wen to stop this festival in GuangXi China.

Sign petition here ( — Donate funds here (Humane Society)

Sign petition here ( — Donate funds here (Humane Society)

Thank you to certain projects and organizations like the Duo Duo Project, whos main purpose is to end animal cruelty, especially events like the dog meat festivals.

See the DuoDuoProject info & site:

Animal Ideology just donated now (june 15) a small amount of $. Remember everyone, each penny counts, towards the full battle against this horrendous, painful and torturous animal holocaust.

Please donate to Humane Society

Sign petition here ( — Donate funds here (Humane Society)

Jahmal Anthony Swaby scumbag of the day

Scuzzball animal abuser

This scuzzball lowlife, 21 years of age, Jahmal Anthony Swaby from Athens, Alabama was just sentenced to 8 years in prison for cruelty to animals. He intentionally put a cat inside a dogs cage to watch it get killed. His friend, Trevaughn Miquan Thomas, also enjoyed this barbaric act of cruelty with him.

What a couple of sick disgusting minds at work. These 2 lowlifes should be locked up forever.

See full article:

Rebecca Francis scumbag hunter smiling next to her dead victim

Rebecca Francis is the scumbag who has the nerve to kill innocent animals and enjoys lying next to her kill with a big smile as seen here….

Rebecca Francis scumbag hunter
Murderer lying next to her victim with a smile

Now these are exactly the type of filth that Animal Ideology would love to whipe off this planet. And to be politcally correct, in terms of changing their selfish mentality about animals. This type of human is ignorant and does not even know it, they need to be re-educated about life and how important it to each one of us living beings. Taking a life is bad, but taking a life and smiling in photos next to their dead victims? This this kind of blatant murder and flaunting needs to be stopped.

I want personally give MAD PROPS to comedian Ricky Gervais for standing up to this scumbag excuse for a human being. See the Business Insider article about that here and at CNN here.

My personal letter to Rebecca Francis:

Dear Scumbag, you are such a filth of this world and someday I pray that you find the front end of a bus in your mouth

I hope this message gets passed along to you Ms. Francis and lets all hope karma is real deal 🙂

Cruel dog meat trade in Southeast Asia needs your help!

Thailand is infamous for the cruel dog exporting to Vietnam for “dog meat trade”. Not only are these domesticated animals eaten, they are tortured and put into VERY harsh living conditions, like being smashed together in barbed wire fenced crates stacked on top of each other, with no water, and not food 🙁

Please help take a stand against this cruel business, help by donating to Soi Dog Foundation, it was created to help animals, especially dogs caught into the illegal and torturous dog meat trade.

See their website here:

Dog meat trade Asia
We cannot afford to ignore this cruelty!

Also, please sign and share the petition to “Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!” Sign the petition here PLEASE.  We need to convince Thailand’s prime minister and head of hte NCPO (National Council for Peace & Order) General Prayuth Chan-ocha to step up and realize this is hurting not only the animals caught in this mess, but also the minds ands happiness of people that suffer seeing and knowing these terrible things are happening.